Black City GH or not-opinions please

  1. I looked at both bags yesterday. Thje city with GH seemed a little heavier than the regular city. I am trying to replace a Kooba Sienna which to me can be heavy. So I think I am leaning toward regular city for my first bag. What do you think?
  2. Yes the GH makes the bag heavier if it's the lightness of balenciaga that you want then go for the classic hardware
  3. Absolutely my vote is for black city w/GH :yes:
  4. I like the City in the regular hardware and I like the Brief with the GH - especially the Black - JMO!
  5. I'd get the city in black with reg. hardware. To me the jury is still out about the GH and if it will be as long lasting as the traditional b-bag style. Also when I tried them on the GH was WAY heavier. Not a good thing in my book.
  6. Black City with regular hardware. :yes: I think the Gold hardware looks really nice with Natural color or Cafe.:love:
  7. I agree with Nanaz. I like the GH on the lighter bags. It enhances light colors and, to me, pops out too much on darker. But that is only my humble opinion.
  8. Is this your first b-bag?? If so, I say get the regular hardware. I love the GH but I don't know that I'd start there myself!
  9. go for the color like CD[​IMG]
  10. Regular hardware. The lighter in weight - the better. Unless - you are absolutely in love with the GH.
  11. I spoke w/a SA at BalNY last week and she informed me that Balenciaga is going forward with the gold hardware for fall. So we know it is lasting for two seasons at least! :yes:
  12. Regular. An extra 400.00 for added weight is just so not my cup of tea. :rolleyes:
  13. If it's your first B-bag, then go for the regular hardware as that's classic, maybe consider the GH in another color?
  14. i would go with my heart, as i haven't seen the GH irl... i would go for in regular hardware.
  15. i'd say regular :smile: