Black City Bag

  1. "Black City bags are slightly on the dry side distressed and veiny."

    Anyone care to explain or describe me how that might look. I really want a Black City with RH badly but unfortunately Aloha Rag gave me that description of the bag.

    Any other alternatives? BalNY ships internationally for $70 and i think thats quite pricey.
  2. wow, it's nice that AR was so honest with you :yes:

    i love distressed/veiny bbags, esp. if they're black, however the dryness is a problem, and if they're telling you they are dry then i think they must be very dry for them to admit it lol

    you could try checking out realdeal and annsfabfinds - they get black cities from time to time. or maybe PM-ing hgbags and ask her if she'll be getting any.
  3. For BalNY, issit an iternational shipping flat rate? Or it varies?