Black City-a must?


Sep 21, 2010
Hello! I am usually lurking on Chanel/LV, but I wanted to ask a question. So I don't have any Balenciaga bags (yet) but am looking to start a small collection. Nothing huge, just maybe 2-3 bags. Maybe 1 larger bag (like the City or Town) and then 2 smaller bags (like the First). But do you think the 1 "big" bag should be a super classic color like black or the less classic but still relatively neutral pewter/silver?

I am a SAHM of 2 kids and usually on the go. My bags tend to be neutral colored as I dress in brighter colors/jewel tones b/c I am pretty fair (otherwise I look washed out). So even though Bal bags are famous for their color, my soon to be small collection will probably mostly consist of neutral colors like the aforementioned black and pewter/silver. Just not sure if I should make the big bag the most neutral color of them all, black, or not.

Sorry if this was already discussed often...tried to do a search but didn't really come up with anything.


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Jun 11, 2008
Welcome to the Bal forum!

I would say that a black City is probably the most classic Bbag and you really can't go wrong getting one.

A pewter/silver would be super pretty too and it sounds like it might be a better match with your colour palette but if it's a metallic finish it will most likely show wear much quicker on the handles and corners whereas the Black will look great for years to come.

Have you managed to get to a store to have a play round? I'm sure if you get the chance to try both on it'll be easier to make a decision :smile:


Sep 21, 2010
silverfern, thanks for the response. i've been able to see the city and first both on various ppl in the neighborhood, tried out friends' bags and also tried on ones at the local barneys here in chicago. they're so lovely!

you raise a good pt about the metallic wearing out more quickly. i will most likely first get a black city first and then from there build a small collection.


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Oct 13, 2007
Yes, although I'm cheating because I have a black part time. (I find that style works better for me.) A RH black city is the perfect first Balenciaga to own.
Jun 9, 2010
I think that Bal in black is a classic (:
So you cannot go wrong.. choose RH or GH.. I'd try the RGGH! I do have a city in black with RGGH and I love it sooooo much eheh (:
Let us know what you pick!


Mar 16, 2010
i think a classic black city or one with the giant hardware is a great start to a Balenciaga collection.

do i think it is a must to any collection? first 3 bals were not neutrals -- i got a sorbet, cyclade and sang. then i got a black! and i have to say its my go to bag...

i have black SGH town and black RGGH city. the town is more suitable for me now with a 2 year old -- going hands free is easy with the cross body option...i can fit two diapers, wipes, bottle water, wallet, phone and camera in a town

but to carry more -- i go for the city, however its not as easy to carry chasing after an active toddler!
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Oct 16, 2009
I'm a few hours back from Paris! And i just bought my first bal bag! And it is the black city silver giant hardware! I lovee it! I goes with everything! It's beauuuttifull!! I think i have a new addicton:biggrin:


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Dec 15, 2008
I am in the same boat....will be purchasing my first bal city bag, but undecided between the black or the SS 2011 praline. And if black city, does it make a difference if i get the black 2010 or should i wait for 2011?


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Jan 14, 2008
You never go wrong with black. My first Balenciaga was a black sgh city and I'm still so happy of this choice!