Black City 2004 silver hardware ---PF'er

  1. Wish I could see the pics! The IT narcs at my office block web-hosted pictures.
  2. Gorgeous! Good luck with the auction :flowers:

    There was a post a couple of days ago about items not appearing in searches - if this was posted 7 hours ago, where has it been? It's only just now popped up on eBay. Is it because it's in the UK?
  3. Percephonie - I take back everything I posted in your other thread :girlsigh: :smile:

    This bag is outrageously beautiful. Good luck!
  4. Whoa I cant believe you're letting this one go, perc!!!! It's GORGEOUS! Good luck!!!
  5. If any Black bag could possibly be more desireable than an '04 First with silver hardware, it would the the City!
    Good luck!
  6. ^ Totally. It's hot! Good luck with the sale.
  7. Thanx everyone! I was meant to use the funds from this to get my dream seafoam first but it didn't work out unfortunately :crybaby: Now I don't know if I should end the listing or leave it....argh this is so hard!
  8. Bummer!
    You can always end the auction now and re-list at another point?
    Or, if you're ready to move on from this bag, I say do the auction (as there seems to be a lot of interest!) and hang on to the funds until your dream bag pops up again!
  9. perce....I would say keep this baby if you don't have to sell (unless you don't love it) these are super hard to find and the leather look sooo nice!
  10. Varsha you're right! I think I love it too much and as no one bought it with the BIN I cancelled the listing.
  11. Hehe good for you! I'm sure you'll score your seafoam one day soon as well! But this bag looks sooooo smooshy and gorgeous! And the black ages the best of all bbags. I think you made the right decision

    But thanks for all those great pictures! :graucho:
  12. ITA! The black with the silver hardware looks so amazing. Gorgeous bag!

    Good luck!
  13. You made the right choice!:yes:
  14. Great googly moogly--there is no price high enough for that bag. You did the right thing!