Black cities -- sold out??

  1. I was perusing *bay and saw that someone just bought an 07 black city for over $1400.00! The seller said that black cities are sold out right now and are very hard to find. Is this true or just seller hype?

    I'm just wondering b/c I have come across one below retail and if they really are sold out I might snag it...
  2. seller hype- I was at Barney's NYC recently and they had 4 or 5 black cities
  3. Black comes out twice a year. Unless you are looking for a specific year's Black, that color is the easiest color you can buy. Is the $1400 a GH City?
  4. If it's GH - that would make sense. I just got a black '07 City from BNY. Aloha Rag just got a new stock in, too.
  5. maybe they just got money to throw around :supacool: or it was the seller's lucky day :graucho:
  6. Or maybe they can't get it where they live :sad:
  7. Some people will believe anything.
  8. :lol::lol::lol::yes::yes::yes:
  9. Yeah, I have noticed that auction too..
    Note that her EB and BG have been relisted thrice now...
  10. does anyone know if balNY still has more black cities 07 in stock? or did you get the last one?
  11. Yeah, this is the silliest thing I ever heard!