Black Cities in the Sunshine?

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  1. I know a lot of ladies prefer brighter bags during the summer months. But I think black bags can look really cool against the sunshine. I have just bought a fantastic Black City and expect it to be glued to my wrist forthe foreseeable future. Then again, I'm stalking a purple Chloe!

    My profilgate bag spending is all because I discovered the ladies on TPF. I never used to be like this.....honest!

    So will you be carrying your black Cities around in the sunshine, ladies?
  2. yup, sure I will....I don´t think the black city has a particular season to be worn.....nor do I think that about the other colours. Bright colours during the winter season is great....kind of spices up the day;)

  3. I definitely will use both my black work with GGH and black city rh in the sun.

    I think they stand out fantastically against contrasting lemon yellow and white dresses and white T's which I wear alot during that time.

    I think the GGH work really makes the black leather look even darker because of the contrast too. Plus it sparkles when the sun is on it.
  4. When spring is in full force, I usually put my black bags away because I am itching for something light! However this only lasts for a little while and I go back to black by summer!
  5. it's in the 80's here and i have been using my black city. i like it against white clothing too :yes:
  6. Black is all year round.
  7. You can defo use black in summer
  8. I think black is great against white clothing and jeans.
  9. I carry Black all year round. It's so versatile and I don't have to worry about it not matching with anything because it will!:tup:
  10. ITA with Louis_Gal! I looove my black city, and it goes with everything, every season!
  11. I don't have a black city, but i do carry black bags around year round. I think it's perfectly fine for the summer!
  12. totally agree!! don't have one either, but i do carry all kinds of black bags all year round!!
  13. black is not defined by any season IMO.
  14. id definitey use my black city during summer, it's a classic color all year round :smile:
  15. I love black in summer too. It looks great against lighter summer clothing -- using black as a contrast. In fact, I am using my coloured bags more in the winter when my clothing is generally darker.