Black Chloe Paddington Wallet???

  1. Hi!!
    I need some help here..I want to buy a black paddy wallet but on Net-A-Porter they list a 'tobacco' that looks black but then they have a smaller type wallet (too small for me) but they call it black and they look exactly alike. Then I look on eBay where there are tons of black padddy wallets (mostly fakes I'm sure) but do they even come in black? I read on a thread here that they come in red, brown, anthracite, silver and maybe another color but I didn't see black mentioned. I'm looking for the largest size with the usual padlock and key..does such a beastie exist?:wtf: Thanks so much for any advice!!! :smile:
  2. the monitor sometimes doesn't show real color
  3. Black and tobacco are different. Tobacco is more browny/grey and lighter than black. Still a lovely very dark neutral colour though. Search around for people pictures of their tobacco bags as it might be easier to see the colour difference and then you can decide which you like. NAP is 100% authentic seller though, so both will be completely genuine.:yes:
  4. Tobacco is a dark brown. and yes, the black exists.