Black Chloe Paddington leather clutch

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  1. Hi People,

    I need to find a Black Chloe Paddington leather clutch bag pronto as an anniversary present for my wife.

    Since NET-A-PORTER is out of stock, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    BTW I'm in the UK, if that helps?

  2. You could see if has any left. Bit overpriced if you ask me though!

    If no harrods and selfridges do mail order.
  3. Thanks for the tips riffraff, but all the Chloe items have gone from

  4. Diabro has a black clutch available $415.00 ish

    I noticed this, as the cost of a bag I am watching has just gone down here, by $200, I wondered why???

    But anyway, clutch link below. - Authentic Chloe Items
  5. Thanks SollyTia, but I was hoping for one with the brass/gold hardware rather than the black.

    I found one at Are they authentic?

  6. Yes, ASOS have been selling authentic Chloe purses :yes:.

    Has your wife seen this clutch in real life?

    I have to ask, as it is soo much smaller than you would think it would be. You would be able to carry a credit card, doorkey and a lipstick, it really really is tiny, and does not open out wide either, so just be aware, so you are not shocked when it arrives!!!
  7. Hehe. Thanks chloe-babe. I might have a re-think!