Black Chevron Boy....

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  1. Hi!
    So it's birthday month and I've been craving a new (Chanel) boy for a while now....ideally, a black boy in old medium....To me, a black boy in that size screams...look look I'm edgy, chic, smart and yet discreet with the allure of luxury....
    So my SA messaged me today she has these two boys in store....
    A Black old medium chevron boy with calfskin, grained calfskin and suede and ghw
    The second one is a calfskin new medium boy with rhw ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460103985.812676.jpg

    The chevron boy seems more appealing and has more only concern is the hold up of suede (I live in India, it's beyond hot and humid here) and then the ghw.....I'm 22 so it is a little more mature for me but then again it's Chanel...and is an investment in its own way......

    Should I bite the bullet and get the chevron boy home or wait it out and pick up one of the caviar boys coming in next season?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. While both bags are beautiful, you should ask yourself what do you really want. Do either of these bags put a smile on your face, or are you just settling since these are the options currently available?

  3. I really really like the old medium. I'm going to go tomorrow and see it IRL....
    The new medium I find rather bland to be very honest.
  4. Good luck deciding!
  5. Never settle and always pick the one that you can't live without. Based on your options however, I would vote to get the calfskin chevron's absolutely stunning!

  6. Thanks for your reply! So both are calf and both are chevron. Did you mean the one with ghw or rhw?
    I was very clear about wanting a black none of the other styles really tempted me much. I already have one red calf boy in new medium with rhw which I love! Am a caviar girl all the way. So lamb anything scares me quite a bit. All my Cfs are caviar! Calf suede etc are still new to me
  7. I'd say if you really want a caviar boy, wait for it!!

    I don't think suede is easy to take care in hot and humid weather like India

  8. Calflu! Thanks for the advice. I think am going to wait it out :smile:
  9. I would not purchase the suede! While suede is beautiful it is more difficult to take care of. I love the calfskin with the ruthenium hardware you have pictured above, I am waiting on the caviar Boy Bags, hoping to get a black with silver or ruthenium hardware. I am on waiting list as there will be many people who are also waiting on the caviar Boys, black will be the most difficult to get.

  10. Yes! And in India it'll be even be more difficult to get! So am super confused. It's one line of the suede and this boy is super unique to look so so so diffident from what everyone is carrying. So don't know if I should wait or get this now. I saw it and I really like this bag.....but the few opinions based on this post suggest otherwise. Argh. Am usually such a decided undivided. This confusion irritates me
  11. I think the boy with ghw is youthful and trendy. Being so young, I think you can pull it off and it'll be a special bag for your bday. I think an older woman could pull it off as well with the right outfit and style.

    Sometimes I'm afraid of buying something that's not a classic out of fear that I won't like it anymore. If you're not like that, and you really like the boy with ghw, I say go for it!

    I agree, it's kind of nice to see this actually because it's different than other boys. I personally don't think it's over the top trendy, just something a little different. If you love it, get it!
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