Black Chevre- Palladium Or Gold Hw?

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Black Chevre Birkin- Palladium or Gold HW?

  1. 35cm black chevre Birkin w/ palladium HW

  2. 35cm black chevre Birkin w/ gold HW

  3. Different color altogether! (pls make a suggestion)

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  1. I would like a 35cm black chevre for my next Birkin. I can't decide if I want palladium or gold hardware on my next purchase. I know there are several threads that talk about how perfect the black and gold combo is. But I noticed that many tPF members have palladium hw on their black birkins and wonder why that is.

    I already have a 35cm gold clemence Birkin w/ ph. Most of my jewlery is in platnium or white gold. I'm a petite 5' 2". I would like the black chevre to serve a slightly different purpose than the gold I already have, but I'm not sure what that would be since I feel like my gold clemence goes with almost anything. If you think I should get a different color of chevre altogether (such as a bright color), please make a suggestion. Thanks!
  2. I want a black chevre with ph too. I am like you I have platinum jewelry so I like ph hardware and I think it looks so chic with black.

    I also have a gold w/ph like you too. I think both of these colors are so useful b/c my clothes are neuturals. I love the color bags but it's just not me. I wish I will be brave enough to go into color bags one day.
  3. Black Chevre with palladium hardware :drool:
  4. Nowadays I'm a GH person... There's something about GH that stands out!!!

    I have an orange birkin with GH... and I wear white gold jewelry, but it doesn't matter.... I love my GH!

    But it all depends on what do u want...and sometimes what do you get first ;)
  5. Right now, I love both! I used to be a strictly palladium girl but I've seen so many beautiful black Birkins with gold lately.
    If you're going to get gold HW, black is the leather color to do it with!

    Hmmm, I'm no help, huh?
  6. I like gold hardware with box, otherwise palladium, so for chevre, I vote palladium!
  7. For chevre, palladium, another leather, I would take gold
  8. Black Chevre and RUTHENIUM!!!!!!

    ....i know.......i just love ruthenium on black..................
  9. GOLD HW!!! I adore gold hw on black! In fact, that's exactly the specs I'm ordering for my Birkin, ie. same leather, size and GOLD HW!!! Did I say GOLD yet?? Lol!
  10. I think black Chevre with ph is the way to go.
  11. I normally am a fan of palladium over gold, but I have seen black chevre birkins with both hardwares and honestly, I have to say the gold has more edge. Neither one is a mistake, mind you, but the gold on a black chevre birkin is really sharp.
  12. ^^I agree, stephanie! The gold just gives it that extra oomph.
  13. ruthenium.........
  14. I am no help here...always thought I wanted a black birkin with PH and I LOVE my black birkin with GH...someday...I will have one black with GH and a second with PH...
  15. For Chevre I like PH too. :yes: