Black Chevre or Togo Leather for Birkin

  1. Any opinions or suggestions?:smile:
    Is one heavier than the other? Also, does one slouch more?
  2. chevre is quite light in weight - lighter than togo. Togo will slouch more, too, although the new chevre is quite souple, I'm told. Togo will still be a little softer, though.

    Black chevre is to DIE for!!!!!!
  3. Chevre is shinier than Togo, if that is a consideration.
  4. chevre while beautiful doesnt wear as well as togo and the corners are white when worn.............togo is so durable.............
  5. Is it a heavy duty bag you are looking for? If not, then chevre! Chevre is GORGEOUS!
  6. :yes::yes::yes:
  7. Chevre all the way!! I have seen one birkin and one kelly before. They're TDF!
  8. Chevre is really quite beautiful and if you can get your hands on a Birkin in it, I'd grab it!
    Togo is great too... it's very durable and classic. A "workhorse"...
    I agree with others that you would have to be a little more careful with Chevre.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority. I have a strong preference for Togo, for the slight slouchiness and the texture and the feel. Chevre Coromandel , for my taste, has too much veining and shine and it always looks stiff to me. Chevre Mysore is a different story but I am not sure that Mysore is used for bags.
  10. BlueParrot, I have a Birkin and Kelly in Mysore. Chevre leather was not as scarce a few years back. I LOVE LOVE having a chevre Birkin. It's so lightweight and shiny.
  11. I LOVE Chevre!! It's lightweight and durable. Togo is slightly heavier than Chevre and without the sheen.
  12. You bring up a good point about the spine on Coromandel. It's one of those things where you either love it or you hate it. I happen to love it, but I know many people have an aversion to it. I have a 32 Sellier in Coromandel, it's spine is very pronounced, so much so that it almost feels "exotic' to me in a sense. I originally thought I would have preferred Mysore.
    Anyway, I am especially glad to have it now that Chevre seems harder to come by at the moment. I would love the chance to get a Chevre Birkin at some point. An especially beautiful one that comes to mind is gina_b's in Cognac.:heart:
  13. Birkingal, Thanks very much for in the info abut mysore for the Birkin and Kelly . I will look for it. I think I would like the Birkin in mysore, but coromandel is not for me.
  14. i think black chevre will look dressier, and black togo more casual.
  15. I love chevre in general but usually only in bright cheerful colors (i have chevre in vert anis, turquoise and fuchsia). I was offered a black chevre birkin before but I felt (probably in the minority here) that chevre in black looked like plastic.. that's my view only as others in the forum love chevre in dark colors like black or brown. I would go with togo (esp the small grain togo).