black chevre birkin pic pls

  1. I am wondering if anyone can post a pic of a black chevre birkin? I have seen the chevre leather sample but I am wondering how it looks on a bigger scale.

  2. here's my 35 with PH :


    and me, carrying it :

  3. pazt...gorgeous Bag And Ever So Gorgeous You!
  4. thanks pazt...

    I see it's a bit shinny in the close up pic. Is it actually that shinny in real life of just the flash?

    I never seen a black chever in real life before. I am wondering b/c I have to finalize a so soon.

  5. look so your Birkin and your outfit!
  6. thank you ladies!

    yes, it has a bit of sheen to it - and that's what i like whit chevre. others may be bothered by the goat spine in the middle, but i'm not. my only problem with it, are the scratches on the edges of the bag. it scratches more than the togo. i'm sure bringing it to the spa would fix it up but i don't have time to send her out yet since this is almost an everyday bag for me!
  7. thanks for the reply...I really like the combo you have. I think the ph and chevre goes very well together.
  8. Pazt, I have just ordered a chevre birkin- made the right choice by the looks of yours. You look gorgeous modelling it, I love you shoes!
  9. \

    thanks rose! you will love the chevre. it does not slouch and it def. holds it's shape! ;)
  10. I am also hoping that black CDC is available at the Feb podium! All the store managers & their assistants around the world should be making their appearances in Paris very soon! Apparently, the pre-buy for RTW already took place, so that the stores can get their shipment of SS2007 apparels earlier.
  11. Major drool everytime I see your gorgeous CDC Pazt! I really love CDC more than Chevre Mysore.
  12. Pazt, your chevre birkin is even more TDF in real life!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. You'll love black chev C! I think Sarah has a Chev Birkin.
  14. Oh, PazT! You look awesome with your black chevre Birkin!!
  15. Pazt you are adorable.