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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
Does anyone have this bag, and what are your thoughts?
Mod pic's too if you have any.

I have been debating a crossbody bag for a while now .. Thinking it would be great for when i travel, as from day to day this isnt my style bag.
For some reason in the last day or so this bag is on my mind.


Mar 9, 2011
I am curious about what others think about this bag too. I have one but haven't pulled it out from the shopping bag yet. I bought it just b/c it's cheap (30% off then extra 50% at Dillards on new year day), but still don't know when to use it for.

If no one posts their mod shots, I can try to take some for you when I get home tonight.


Dec 7, 2011
I considered it when it was on sale @ Nordstroms, but at $233, didn't think I needed it that badly. It's really simple yet beautiful. And i liked it bc its bigger than the penny & the strap is adjustable. i did a search on here a while ago & there were one or 2 reveals plus pics.
I hope they show up at a good price somewhere.


Jan 20, 2012
I have a couple: a classic (mahogany) and an archival (carnelian). I love them, but I prefer small bags. It's bigger than I need for running around, actually. It's very structured - I don't know if I'd wear it crossbody because the bottom is stiff. The classic has a shorter strap too. I like it as a shoulder bag with a long strap.

The best part (besides the cuteness) is that you don't have to dig around in it to find something. It's like having a little desk on your hip. And the turnlock is a lot easier to open than a zipper IMO.

Here are my reveals:
Jun 8, 2006
The leather softens up over time. I tried to post more pix, but photobucket is not cooperating. Will try later.
Nov 21, 2007
Go Pokes!
My carnelian arrived today! It is smaller than my normal bags, and would definitely not work for me during the work week, but it will be a great weekend/travel bag. I usually travel with a file bag, so this will be a bit less casual than that. I intend to only wear crossbody. I have the strap just about as long as it'll go.

The pics are hurried, and I am currently without a full length mirror, so I'm standing on a step stool. :smile: I'm 5'3" for reference. Please excuse the dirty mirror.


I will have to use a smaller wallet. A zippy would be great if I could find the carnelian on sale. I have it here with a slim poppy zip around. I also have the medium makeup case in there. I haven't "moved in" completely, but sunglasses will go in a soft case and my phone/keys can go in the front.


The double wristlet will go into the main compartment, but it takes up all of it, so I'll reserve it for bigger bags.


Hope this helps!

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!

Thank you for the pics!
Now that I've seen irl pics wearing it Crossbody I don't think this is the bag for me. It seems to be too bulky.