Black Cherry nail polish...looking for recommendations...

  1. Can anyone recommend a good 'black cherry' colored nail polish? I don't want one with shimmer in it.

    I'd love to try Lippmann Collection in 'Just Walk Away Renee', but I already have a ton of Lippmann polishes, and since I just bought 2 new bags I'm looking for a less expensive alternative.

    Does OPI make any black cherry shades? Please feel free to recommend other brands as well, including drugstore versions.
  2. OPI makes Lincoln Park After Dark...something like that. I'm wearing it right now and it's like a black cherry to me.
  3. I have that one, and I love it, but I wanted something a little redder and not so black. I don't want fire engine red though. Maybe I should just cave and get 'just walk away renee'. the description sounds exactly like what i"m looking for.
  4. I got "Got the blues for red" and it is darker than red, but not as dark as black, looks very red in the bottle but is not, so weird. looks like black cherry to me
  5. sounds like a very nice color..imma check it out.
  6. Milani is a drugstore brand and they make a color called black cherry. it's gorgeous and actually wears well, with the right basecoat and topcoat that is!
  7. MAC Wildfire, it's LE and gorgeous.
  8. I'm wearing that too. I love it!!! to me, there's a hint of purple to it.
  9. Chanel's Rouge Noir is a black cherry.
    I had in on my nails and somebody asked me if it was the Linkin Park After Dark and I told her it was Chanel. So then she told me that the OPI one is slightly darker than what I had on.
  10. I picked up one that reminded me of black cherry a few weeks ago -- and it was L'Oreal. Something like "Breaking Curfew" or "After Curfew" -- I just love it!

    I usually wear OPI but happened upon this while killing time in Walgreens and so glad I got it.
  11. OPI has one called "Vampire State Building"... or something like it and it's a gorgeous dark cherry!!
  12. that color was discontinued. i found one that is almost EXACTLY the same shade. its "wicked" by essie.
  13. Wicked by Essie is very dark. If you want slightly more red than black, try Berry Hard by Essie again.

    It is a website where people post photos of what nail polish actually looks like on. It has pretty much any brand you could want. I always check it out when I'm buying a new nail polish color.
    You have to register because they had people stealing the photos, but I've never had a problem with them.
  15. I have "Suzi Says Da" by OPI. It is a very dark color with a hint of burgundy. I'm going to get it on my toes today.