Black Cherry Medium Candace - Pics!

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  1. Hi everyone. My Black Cherry Candace arrived yesterday. I love this style bag, it is structured without being totally stiff. Handles fit comfortably on my shoulder and having zip pocket on the outside it a huge bonus!
    There is, or what seems to me, to be a down side. I've seen the Black Cherry Duffles and I think the Candace BC is not as dark. It depends on the light and it can be quite red (which is kind of OK, red is one of my favorite colors) and other times she looks darker. I was really assuming/counting on it to be darker based on the BC duffles I've seen.
    Here are a few pictures, I haven't even taken out the stuffing yet!
    What do you all think? ALL opinions are welcome.
    Is BC a keeper or should I exchange her for a Candace in another color (no suggesting Cognac, which I love, but have enough bags in the medium brown catagory), maybe Cobalt? Or what about a Rory in some color or would I maybe not like Rory because she doesn't seem to have much structure and the handles can't go on your shoulder?
    I really need your help ladies!!!!:smile: The days of buying several bags in very short periods of time are over for me (or at least that what I keep telling myself). I'm trying to buy and us/enjoy what I have and definitely buy less frequently.

  2. Do you already have a red bag? I think Candace is the perfect red bag! If it were that color in a small Candace, I would get it myself.

    I would keep it and get black cherry in something else. Just make sure the other black cherry bag is dark.

    I think true red and black cherry are totally different colors. Black cherry is close to cognac, and is more of a neutral.
  3. I love the BC color because with it's deeper tones, it was more of a neutral. This particular BC doesn't seem to be so neutral, unfortunately.
  4. Gorgeous! I have the Candace in cement and i looooooove it! Keep's a great bag! I have the large duffle in BC...and it does look darker than this picture. Someone said it looks like cognac.....which i disagree with.....but i love the color of your bag in the pic....i say keep's a great bag!!!!
  5. Hmmm, color doesn't seem too popular. Any other ladies have opinions to offer.....please???
  6. I think its a really, really pretty bag. I can see this going so well with everything from a LBD to jeans and a white tee :smile: but I agree that it's definitely more of a dark true red than a blackened burgundy, which is what it sounds like you were expecting...

    Do you have any red bags in this size already? I would lean toward keeping it if you didn't already :smile:
  7. Seeing the larger pics on my laptop (vs. iphone) the red is almost deep pinkish/raspberry. This could be just my monitor. It's a beautiful red colour and a gorgeous bag overall but if it's not what you were know what I'm going to say already ;)
  8. I think it's very stunning and say keep her!!
  9. I love it! Keep her!!!:biggrin:
  10. I think it's a gorgeous color, and I love the style of it too! I would keep it and enjoy if I were you!
  11. I love the style of the Candace and want this color so badly! I expected her to be darker too but I think she is gorgeous and I would keep her.

    However - if you're trying to buy less bags, etc - if you don't LOVE her, exchange or return. The cobalt is gorgeous too :smile:
  12. I think it's beautiful and I would keep it. Maybe look for something else in the darker BC you like.
  13. I think this is a gorgeous color. It looks like a real true red, unlike the Carnelian which is more of an orange. Congratulations! I would definitley keep this bag :smile:
  14. Mod pics please! :smile:
  15. I have this bag in the carnelion red and honestly I was hoping it would be more red than it is....wondering if I should get this color, I feel just for me the carnelion is way too orange for my wardrobe. Would love a true red lipstick color instead of either of these but love the candace style bag. Maybe should just give up and get the cobalt?!