Black Cherry City or Sapphire Giant Part Time

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  1. I am about to pull the trigger on my first Bbag and am currently torn between the Black Cherry City or Sapphire Giant Part Time. The Sapphire color is lovely but I am worried that it is not as versatile as the Black Cherry. Any thoughts or advice?

    Thanks so much.
  2. Both of the colors are gorgeous, IMO. Which one do you think will best match your wardrobe? Is there one that you're leaning towards? Which size bag do you think best suits your needs?

    Good luck deciding, and congrats. on your first bag!
  3. I have a sapphire and i have no problems with matching it with my wardrobe! its kinda like the new black to me!
  4. sapphire is so on trend for fall this year, but i definitely prefer BC if you can find one that has more of the wine-ish tint rather than the brownnish ones..
  5. I've seen some gorgeous GH BCs from other tPFers so if can get your hands on one of those I would go for it! :tup:
  6. personally, I would still go for a Sapphire because most of the BC bags I have seen are more borwnish not as red/purpleish as seen on the bal website
  7. well,i love both color..but This time i would vote for Black cherry city..good luck!!!
  8. I am biased & prefers a PT esp a GH PT over a City anytime so my vote goes to Sapphire GH PT!!!
  9. sapphire GH PT :drool:
  10. Another vote for Sapphire PT w/GH!
  11. Thank you all for the feedback! I think I am going to go with the Sapphire GH Part Time but I have a feeling the Black Cherry City might not be too far behind.
  12. ^^ Yes, that's always the is just never enough! Enjoy your Sapphire PT--that would have been my choice, too.
  13. sapphire!
  14. Glad you decided to get the sapphire pt, it is such a great color and is outstanding with the sgh.
  15. So, did you get your sapphire GH PTsapphire GH PT? Looking forward to seeing it :smile: ....