Black Chanel Bags on sale at NM *pics*

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  1. PM me if you want my SA's number. There are a few left. Flap is $1242. Speedy-type bag is $857.


  2. They also have some wallets on sale. I think pink caviar.
  3. ohh that speedy bag is so cute!

    thanks for the heads up!
  4. Do u have the pic for the pink wallet maxter?
  5. i like the speedy too
  6. ohhh, anyone know what the front of the first bag looks like?
  7. No sorry I don't. And I think she is swamped with people right now calling about the black speedy!! I'll PM her info to you.

    I have a black speedy set aside. I think it will look so freakin' cool with an Hermes Twilly tied on it!! She said the leather on the speedy is like the caviar (very durable) but it doesn't look like caviar in the pic. The other one is more like lambskin.

    The sale doesn't officially start until Friday.

  8. Here's her description she emailed me:

    The other one is a flap with a little snap front ontop of the flap!
  9. thanks maxter!
  10. Sorry to say but I heard from a few people that all the black speedy's are sold.
  11. I got one!! Neimans Willow Bend had like 3 or so in the black and 2 or so in the white. They also had them in a bigger tote version.
  12. Any idea what wallets they are? Im looking for a flap wallet but Im not super particular about the color.
  13. its the pepto bismol colored pink wallets, SA said they are phasing that shade of pink color sa has the chanel wallet on a chain in pink caviar for $758ish.
  14. bindi0930,

    are you talking about the same style as in black speedy but in shopping tote design? do you know how much are they going on sale? thanks a lot! :yes:
  15. Yeah, It was about 1.5 to 2x longer than the shopping tote and if I remember correctly it was around 1100.00.