Black Cerf

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  1. Well, I did it. I bought my beloved Cerf. I had been looking for an everyday black bag. We were in NM today and they are having a promotion. Spend $400 and get $100 gift card. I bought DH a LV Alexi in brown, got the gift card and headed straight to Chanel. They had some things on sale. I was drawn to a lamb tote with a beautiful chain. I'm sorry that I don't know the name of it, but the quilting was vertical and the chain was very thin with strips of leather going through. Sorry for the bad description, but long story short... The sale bag was only $300 cheaper than the Cerf. As some of you may know, a Cerf was really the bag I have lusted after for a while. The last time I had incentive (double points, pre-price increase) NM didn't have it in beige and couldn't get it. So, I got the Medallion tote in beige. I think my family/collection is pretty complete now. I have the luxe Chanels and the workhorse LVs and my gorgeous Judith Leiber minaudiere in honey crystal. Mixed in with those are the more trendy L.A.M.B.s, Cole Haans, Coaches, Rafes. I think I am done. And, this time I mean it ;)
  2. Congrats! The cerf is one of my favs!!!
  3. Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. the Cerf bag is wonderful... glad you finally got it! But, were you aware that Saks is having an EGC even this Saturday? You might have been able to get more cash back on the gift card there...
  5. The Cerf is such a great bag :tup:, I used mine today! :p
  6. cOngrats on your cerf!! :tup:
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats on the Cerf -- that is a beautiful bag. The sale bag sounds a bit like the Mademoiselle tote. Anyway I prefer the Cerf -- enjoy!!!
  9. Believe me, buying a Cerf was my last thought today. I was thinking a wallet or shoes. It was an impulsive purchase. I found out after they rang it up that NM will send me another gift card, probably because of the Saks event tomorrow. I'm okay with it. I would rather deal with NM than Saks anyway. I'm more apt to use the gift card + points at NM than at Saks. I have lots of NM points that translate into gift cards in March. There's no way I'm getting anywhere near a retail establishment this weekend!!
    Besides, they are calling for bad weather and I'm officially off my feet due to a knee injury.
  10. I think you are right. I went to the Chanel Reference Library thread and found it there. The bag was a Mademoiselle. Gorgeous, but very perishable looking and I made the decision to go with a real classic.
  11. :sad: Sorry to hear about your knee! But I'm glad to hear that NM is being good to you and you'll be receiving extra GCs!!:p
  12. Congratulations! I love the black cerf. And more importantly, I'm sorry to hear about your knees! I hope you do feel better and get to enjoy your new bag soon!
  13. Congrats on your black Cerf, Judy! Hopefully your knee will be better soon!
  14. Congrats!
    I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing me say this is my FAVORITE bag, but it REALLY is!!!
    Enjoy in Good Health!
  15. I'll never be sick of anyone saying that the Cerf is their favorite bag. I understand, I understand!!

    Also, thank all of you TPFers for the kind remarks about my poor knee. It looks way worse than it feels, but the little workout I gave it at NM yesterday was for its own good!!