black cerf tote

  1. is it fair to say that the black cerf tote with the CC turnlocks aren't available anymore?
    i know it's a bag from last year... will it be reissued later this fall?
    i'd like to get one, but is eBay my only option? :sad:

    thanks in advance!
  2. Are you dead set on the CC turnlock? I'm sure you can get a black cerf but chanel has changed their turnlocks for the fall. They are a pewter/silver color and look more like the reissue's turnlock. Does that make sense?? I've also learned that you can ask the same question to 10 different chanel SAs and get different answers! I've been wanting a choco cerf for the fall and had at least 4 SAs tell me it wasn't being done. Well- I walked into chanel at niemans in Las Vegas last week and they had just received that morning a gorgeous pre-fall choco cerf tote with the new turnlock! It seems like every boutique and dept store chanel has something different! Ted at Niemans in the Las Vegas fashion show mall is wonderful!!! Let me know if you want a #! Good luck!:biggrin:
  3. I was at Chanel at Saks (NYC) and the Chanel boutique on 59th streets and there were cerfs available (black and brown) with the cc clasp. I think they decided to make them again due to popular demand???
  4. Saw one at Saks dadeland yesterday, it was $1800.
  5. I think the CC turnlocks are still available, you just need a good SA to look for one for you - when I went to Chanel at the Wynn last month, the SA, Elizabeth, said that there were still a few throughout the US.
  6. Yup, Saks in Short Hills NYC had the cerf wtih CC in brown caviar and black caviar. $1850. NYC had it last night as well.
  7. thanks, everyone!
    pgn, i do like the CC turnlock on this particular bag. i have the mademoiselle lock on my 05 reissue, so i know whatcha mean. :amuse:

    honu, i did see your thread about your trip to vegas. it reinspired me to try looking!

    vixy, habanerita and luccibag, thanks for listing places for me. i'm going to call them this weekend and then decide what bags i have to sell off! :rolleyes: