Black Cerf tote with mademoiselle lock

  1. It looks like a good deal and I was thinking of bidding on it, but just to give anyone a heads up, this seller is NOT very responsive. I send 2 messages through eBay with some questions about the bag, with no reply. I noticed that this is a re-list for her, and I suspect that if she doesn't answer questions, it doesn't really encourage people to bid.

    It does look authentic though, but I hate non-communicating sellers - very unprofessional.
  2. it is authentic, but do you think its a scam?
  3. blech, I HATE Sellers that don't communicate :sad:
  4. IDK - I mean, their feedback is good and the pics are good, but why won't she/he answer any questions? Just kinda suspicious... I had been planning on bidding, but am never comfortable when sellers don't reply. I'm interested in a Cerf, but won't bid unless I hear back from her before the auction ends.
  5. ^ I'm the same. If the seller won't respond, I wont bid
  6. This seller is a member here. I've PM'd with her about Chanel bags and she is always very nice and helpful. I know she is a busy lady who is not on the forums as often as a lot of us, so perhaps she doesn't check her eBay mail for questions on a daily basis. As an eBay seller myself, sometimes buyers ask questions that are right in the auction, and it irritates me that I have to respond because they were too lazy to read the description, etc.

    And just like on eBay, the redundancy in the forums often irritates me no end; I could never be a mod and act civil to people who clearly have no skills (don't bother to use the search function, can't spell or use proper punctuation, can't articulate a thought in a clear manner, etc.).

    I'm just playing devils advocate but can state pretty confidently that I don't think it's a scam.
  7. oh than i guess you have nothing to worry about! bid on!
  8. Aarrghh!!! So tempted.....................must resist must resist!!!!:blink:
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