Black Caviar

  1. :upsidedown: Hi Everyone,

    I want a black caviar flap before the price increase. I went into the store to check them out but why is black a faded black? It looked nice in the pictures you guys have uploaded but when I went in person...I was disappointed =(

    Are all black caviar a faded black color?
  2. Hmm...could it be the softer "made in italy" caviar as opposed to the glossier "made in france"? I've seen both in real life and the "made in italy" looks a bit duller in my opinion.
  3. No, the black caviar bags I have are not faded at all...
  4. I think they do look more faded compared to lambskin if that makes sense but not faded in the true sense of the word...

    I don't know how to explain what I'm thinking here. I think the shine/coat or whatever on the caviar makes it look less rich than lambksin but not faded(?)
  5. I have a black caviar timeless clutch that is Made In Italy, the leather is soft and shiny. I also got one in white caviar that is Made in France, the leather is dull/not shiny and harder. I'm not sure it's the color or it's because of where it's made :confused1:.
  6. i have two black caviars "Made From Italy". I didn't even notice until I checked. They are definitely not faded but theyre not super shiny either. they have a bit of shine depending on the angle of the light but definitely not faded or dull. i :heart: mine to death!
  7. Are you looking at the Timeless Caviar flap with the CC closure? As there is a distressed caviar flap with MM lock which I think the leather is a bit washed out.