Black Caviar WOC

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  1. Hi!! Can someone tell me if Saks has the Chanel black caviar WOC?? I think it's $1575. Thanks!!

  2. no not in black.. they have it in fuschia, brown .. 2 or 3 other colors but not in black :sad:
  3. devilangel, what where the other colors in addition to brown? and do you know which saks chanel has it?
  4. Yes .. just pulled up an email from my SA from Saks.. he said : brown,fuschia,& blue
    I don't know which Saks has what but it doesn't matter, whichever store has the one u want, they will ship it to ur addr ! (i think at no additional cost cuz it's like a store transfer)
  5. Sak's didn't buy the black caviar WOC. NM did buy it. Thats where I got mine in March. Try NM or the Chanel Boutiques. They called me when it came it but I had already bought mine from NM.
  6. You might also wanna check BG and Bloomies. ;) If I'm not mistaken, few members here got it from BG and some from Bloomies.

  7. WHAaaaahh fuschia WOC! gimee I'm flying to the US just for this.:nuts:

  8. yaa someone posted their fuschia WOC -quilted caviar with the silver CC
    it's really cute :smile:
    but u can just have them shipped to ya! haha
  9. Thanks for the info. I was hoping to use my saks GC, but I will try NM, BG, and Bloomies. Fingers crossed.:biggrin:
  10. #10 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    I just saw one black caviar brand new for $1099 on . The bag came in today...and usually they have new inventory everyday. I bought from them before and they sell authentic stuff. But you should call before making purchase to see exactly what the bag come with (Hawaiian time).