Black Caviar Tote questions

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  1. Does anyone know if the Black Caviar Classic quilted tote (with the leather handles) comes with gold OR silver hardware (I think the only hardware on it besides the zipper is the coin/medallion logo zipper pull)? I was told it only comes in gold but then I just saw one sell on EBay with a silver coin/medallion zipper pull (maybe it was fake?). Also, does anyone know if that tote comes in different sizes.
  2. Just to clarify, I think the bag is called the classic medallion tote. It looks like the shopper but has leather hadles instead of the chain handles. By the way, which to people seem to like better, the medallion tote or the grand shopper? Is the chain straps on the shopper comfortable? Thanks again!!!
  3. I believe you're referring to the medallion tote, which comes in gold and silver hardware. Saks NY currently has both on display.
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  5. Yeah they definitely have silver and gold. I got in gold two years ago
  6. i have pink w/ silver hardware..
    they have a black w/ gold and silver hardware.
    a beige w/ goldware as well.