Black Caviar Medium/Large Flap Old or New??


Nov 29, 2012
I am looking for a black caviar medium/large classic flap with gold hardware. I can not decide if I should buy a preowned older bag or a new one. I have seen a preowned bag 10 series from 2005 from a reputable Australian seller listed for $4095. I prefer the black interior instead of the newer burgundy one. I have never seen the older gold plating in person, so I do not know if it is too orangey in color compared to the pale gold hardware made today. People say the black caviar was better on these older bags, but I have never seen them to compare. Is it better to purchase an older bag or get a new one? Opinions appreciated.
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Jan 28, 2009
Well I think just about everyone will tell you that overall quality was better back then. One thing I think people fail to realize especially in the "Black Caviar" thread is that there has always been matte & shiny caviar. It's not a "quality" issue per say, just different skins. However I will say that the caviar was definitely more constant back then. Was it a choice by Chanel to "weed" more of the matte pieces out and now they just let them pass? Probably. Also in newer bags we see little nagging things like stitching errors, unfinished edges on the straps etc. that Chanel really shouldn't let happen that were much less common back then. Saying all that however doesn't mean you can't get a perfect new bag.

As for the GHW, 2005 would be more yellow than the non-plated metal they use today but not as yellow as the vintage. Scroll through the reference library's Classic Flap sticky thread. Lots to look at & compare. If you also like the black interior better, there is nothing wrong with a great condition pre-loved. It will last forever.

Having fun choosing! :smile: