Black Caviar Maxi w/Gold Hardware???

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  1. Is this combo available??? I know you can get the lambskin with the gold hardware but I want caviar.

  2. Im curious to know this as well...
  3. I don't think they have the caviar with ghw. The lamb has gold and silver hw.
  4. I heard that the black caviar Maxi only comes with silver HW.
  5. Thanks guys! My SA at Nordstrom told me the same thing.
  6. i called all the stores in london adn some SAs told me there is a caviar with the gold hardware...they dont seem to know as well!! im super confused-- iwant the gold hardware on caviar as do we find out fo sure guys??
  7. I was told the Cavair was only in Silver HW but the lambskin is in both!