Black Caviar Jumbo with new chain?

  1. I'm new here and confused about the chain issue....I've ordered a classic flap jumbo in black caviar with silver hardware:confused1:...does that mean the chain has leather interwoven in between or it refers the new chain? I'm particularly interested in jumbo with new chain which has no leather interwoven in b/w...just confused whether i order the right bag..:shame:

    And what do you all think about this bag?

  2. If you want the new chain, I think you have to ask for "new chain". By saying silver hardware, you may get teh older chain with leather interwoven. You should call and double check. Personally, I prefer the older chain on the Jumbo. But that is a matter of opinion.
  3. Thanks Luccibag!!:nogood: I've seen your collection and it is stunning and so impressive:drool:...I wish one day I have the same as!!
    For the Jumbo, I'm 5"5, do you think it's too big for me? anyway, my order is placed and I'm still happy to have my new flap:p

    could i ask what is the diff b/w east west and classic flap? they look the same for me but in diff sizes...sorry..I'm just new to chanel!
  4. The east west does not have a front compartment (two flaps) nor does it have the back pocket. It is also a bit shorter but just as wide. You can get the exact dimensions in the reference section. No double chain. It has a single chain which is adjustable (great feature). I think the E/W is a great little bag. It holds almost as much as the classic flap. (which isnt a whole lot). It has a slightly more modern look to it which makes it so appealing.
  5. I'm also 5'5", and I like the oversized, more casual aspect of the jumbo! :smile: My mom actually purchased the black caviar w/ new chain jumbo for me, but I may exchange it for the original chain jumbo (even though I have a classic flap already), because the jumbo to me is a different bag, in that it's more casual, etc. I have the new red jumbo with the new chain (the only combination it came in), and I love it! That's partially why I don't know if I should have the black as well (even though I have a lot of duplicates haha, classic flaps are my favorite)! I'd call your SA, because just saying silver might mean the old chain w/ silver hardware. :smile: Also, the new chains are longer than the old chain (which isn't such a big deal, since you can tie them on the inside to achieve the desired length), but if that's a factor, then maybe you can try on both to see which suits you best! I hope you get exactly what you want! :smile:
  6. Thanks fieryfashionist:yes: congrats on your black and red jumbos..really nice and I luv SA said the red jumbo is not coming in for fall, so I may have to wait for my next red jumbo...
  7. Hi! :smile: Aww, thank you! :heart: Yeah, I believe the red was limited to the spring/summer '07 collection. :sad: It might be possible for your SA to hunt down the red flap with the new chain though, if you really want that one! Otherwise, I'm sure whatever bag you end up with now or come fall will be stunning, because you really can't go wrong with a Chanel (especially a flap!) IMO!! :smile: Good luck! :tup:

  8. I think 5'5 with a jumbo is FINE. Im sure you'll love it.
  9. i just bought the jumbo black w. new bijoux chain, i can't wait to get it! i am smaller than you and think it's fine. if the olsens can wear it then im sure i can too hehe.
  10. Congrats frayed_misfit!! good choice:tup: I'm sure u look terrific on that bag.
    After buying my first jumbo flap, I want more flap...though I get a perf. red flap..I want more and different colors too!! crazy me!! hahahah:p