Black Caviar Jumbo perforated or plain?

  1. I am determined that I want a jumbo as my first (gasp...can you believe it) black purse. Every time I try to buy black I end up with some other color.

    I can't decide if I want the perforated or plain. On eBay there is a perforated for much less than having to pay retail on the plain. What does everyone think of the perforated? Will it hold up? How does it look up close and personal? Thanks.
  2. I don't have any perf bag cos I don't really like it, since it will be your first black purse, I'll say go for the plain, it's classic and classier too, good luck!
  3. I agree with IceEarl. I'd get the plain if I were you. I'm not into the perforated chanels either.
  4. I'd say plain caviar - classic - you'll never tire of it.
  5. Plain leather (lambskin or caviar.)

    Granted, I find the perfo extremely ugly, but if it's your first Chanel, I'd just make it truly classic. You'll never tire of the normal leather IMHO. But it's more likely to regret buying the perfo down the road.
  6. Definitely get plain caviar! Even in 20 years, it'll still be classic. I don't really like the perforated.
  7. Definitely plain!!!
  8. Perfo is cute in bright, fun colors, but I'd definitely get the classic black jumbo flap over perfo any day (that's what I did)! :smile:
  9. I vote for Plain.
  10. Every time I go into the Boutique, my eye goes to the black perforated flaps... they are gorgeous and I don't even like perforations! The Chanel perforated bags are done so well and they are so special. They seem a little flatter... less pouffy too...
  11. Plain. Not a fan of the perforated at all.
  12. I'm quite happy with my perfor black jumbo, and still give a happy sigh when I see it. Although the black plain jumbo may be a safer and longer lasting choice. For some reason I always end up with the perfor without much thought (also have an LV perfor speedy), and haven't regreted either since. But would also like a plain jumbo of another colour eventually.
  13. I'd go for the plain, not a fan of the perf.
  14. The regular classic's so much more timeless than the perfo flap IMO... :yes:
  15. one more vote for plain...I am telling myself not to buy anything b/c it's on sale or cheaper ...I learned a few lessons by buying b/c its a good deal and ended up selling it at much lower price on eBay....