Black caviar GST or Accordion tote?


May 1, 2008
So I've been thinking about getting a tote/bigger Chanel bag for work and travel; I went to my NM and got the black caviar GST (SH) thinking it will last me for a long long time. While the SA ringing up my credit card I saw this Accordion tote and totally fell in love... couldnt get it out of my mind...

GST: less expensive, vrey durable, well structured, fits a lot yet organized since it's squre and stiff, a timeless, classic piece

Accordion tote: less heavy (feels so), stylish, lambskin feels like heaven, very roomy, more casual look

Gst: a bit heavy especially stuffed; losing shape upon using; more conservative look than chic,

Accordion tote: $600 more; might look out-of-season pretty soon; the material ages and scratches easily; need to be more careful while using it (which i am not a super careful user) and since it's a soft tote all stuff in it will jam together.

So, tell me what you think! Which one do you like better, and why? Which one should I keep, should I go exchange or stay with my gst? Many many thanks.

Here is a picture of the accordion tote. The Link and picture are borrowed from another thread by jag.

Elle Candy

Nov 10, 2006
Both bags are beautiful IMO. The GST is too heavy for travel but it would be more durable than the lambskin tote. Very hard to decide. Just go to store and try them on again. You will know the second you try them on.


Aug 29, 2006
I like the accordian tote but it might be too fragile for a work and travel bag. It's made out of lambskin. But if you don't mind getting scratches on it, then go for it. But the GST is a classic. I can put alot of stuff in the GST but it might get heavy. Please tell me if the accordian has the bijoux chains? I want a bag with the bijoux chains. I want to see the accordian in real life but I have not had a chance to. I love both of them. You can't go wrong with either bag. HTH
Jun 23, 2007
I have a caviar accordion from the spring. It is a workhorse bag. I haven't seen the new one yet, but it looks like it might be a problem to open/close. There doesn't seem to be a flap (like mine, and some others) and it might feel dated (the quilting style) after a few seasons. If there was a caviar accordion, I would say that would be the bag to go with. I can't say anything negative about mine, except it's a seasonal color (white.) I love my GST equally. I feel like my items may be more secure in the accordion because it's a flap style, not open. But, I have never had issues with the GST because of the center zip compartment. Except last night, when I tipped it over on the floor of the car and some things slipped out.
I think classic/chic-wise, the GST is forever; the cell-style accordion is right now.


Dec 17, 2006
If you are talking about the new Cells tote, it is not a work bag. I have ordered it. The bag is very delicate , soft lambskin. I would never use it for work unless shopping and dining was my career. lol. The gst in the original caviar is the best choice for work. GET BOTH hahaha. Cells is a great bag, but I see it looking beat up quick if used as an everyday bag


May 1, 2008
Thanks all, I've made my final chioce, will open a new thread to post the result and pictures!! You all helped a lot!! And Elle Candy, you are 100% right, when I went back and tried them on together I just knew...
Mar 19, 2008
hello hello.... This is exactly the bag that i fell in love with..... the Chanel Store I've been to was closed on a sunday.... I saw this from the window........LOVE IT.....I was also thinking about the black GST with silver hardware..........My hubby prefer this ONE........


Sep 15, 2006
I would have to agree that the GST is more open compared to the accordion, but it would be a better work bag as the caviar would withstand daily use.