Black Caviar Clutch

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America received one timeless classic black caviar clutch today for $995.

    Such a wonderful, classic CHANEL piece.

  2. Never purchased a Chanel before... but I would certain love to have a classic one.. What does it look like?
  3. I bought one last week, here's some pics:
    IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1952.jpg
  4. Wow nice!! :tup:

    Probably not for me.. I wanted something abit bigger than that..
  5. it's probably bigger IRL than it looks:yes:
    Everyone's first comment when they see it is either
    "oh, it's bigger than I thought!"
    "I have this and it holds a ton"
    I'll post my only interior pic, it's not very good though.
  6. It is a GREAT bag. I would buy it if I hadn't (is this a word??) have a black clutch already.=)
  7. yes it's a word:yes:
    a more correct option would be
    "if I didn't already. . . . " :cutesy:

    What clutch do you have?
  8. Swanky is right - they are a lot bigger than you think. I was quite surprised myself when I saw one for the first time.:yes:
  9. So would you say you could wear the clutch during the day...or would it look silly?:confused1:
  10. i have this and i love it!
  11. I don't think it's a day bag, but I don't think it would completely wrong if it were for an event.
    I can see me carrying to a Nutcracker matinee w/ my little girl this winter:yes:
  12. Yeah I've been eyeing on this bag for awhile now. May be for a month or two, this is because of someone who brought me to Chanel in NM !!!!! grrrrrrrrr :p.

    Aniway some people also using this clutch to go to the mall but may be for a party is even better.

    It's also my consideration before buying it because I don't have that much party or event in here. Unlike Paris Hilton lol, she got lots of event to attend to and you can see she wears this clutch lots of time ;)
  13. I didnt know it had an inner compartment!! I love it!! But i think the e/w flap is better for me..since i dont have that many parties to go to and i hate holding things in my hand :p
  14. nice!

  15. ^^I didn't know this bag had an inner compartment either. I really love this bag and I want to get it to take on my cruise at the end of the year. I'm sure I can find other places to take it. We always go to a couple of Christmas shows and some special dinners. Thanks for the pics Swanky.