Black Caviar Classic Flap Changes

  1. Hi! This may be my first post in Chanel. I usually lurk in Chanel and post in the BV forum. I recently acquired a medium/large black caviar classic flap w/gold hardware from 2004 w/all paperwork & documentation. I compared it to the new medium/large black caviar classic flap that I purchased from Saks a few months ago and found that there are two major differences that concern me. :sweatdrop:

    1) On the button hole under the inner flap & directly above the clasp, the 2004 version has no inscription while the 2007 version is inscribed w/"Chanel Paris"

    2) The 2007 version is noticeably shinier and a richer black while the 2004 version is more faded and matte. Is this due to usage? Is there any product available to restore the luster?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, and welcome. I am not really sure, maybe Chanel can shine it up for you. I have also heard great recommendations from the ladies about someone who restores and cleans leather bags, but I cannot remember her name.

    Hopefully, someone will chime in on this.