black caviar classic e/w chain question

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm having a chain issue. I've been looking for a black caviar classic e/w flap w/ new chain after I saw a picture of a beautiful white one inthe reference thread. The white one had two chains, but my SA said that she said the black new chain had only one chain that is noe adjustable.

    I want two chains that can be adjusted just like the white one.

    Is that true that the back caviar e/w comes w/ only one chain or id there one w/ two chains.

    I would appreciate if anyone can verify this.

  2. i recently bought a black caviar e/w flap and it only has 1 chain.
  3. The e/w with double chain is not a classic design. Those were for F/W 07 I believe and most have been sold. The classic comes with a single adjustable chain.

    If you want one with double chain, and m/m lock, I know Stephanie from NM San Antonio had one. Good luck!
  4. This is the bab that I'm looking for. in black though. Thanks for the pic. jfhave. Is this back called m/m lock? Anyone has the style number? TIA
  5. That one is the E-W (new chain) with classic CC lock, not MM lock. If that's the exact bag you're looking for, I'm afraid I have to spill the bad news that those are completely sold out. I've been trying to get one (my first preference was white caviar, but I'd even settle for a black one) for the past 3 weeks and everywhere is sold out. Only Saks & Chanel boutiques got the caviar E-W with new chain & CC lock (NM/BG/etc. didn't get that style). My SA at Chanel boutique did a nationwide inventory search for me 3 weeks ago and confirmed it was sold out. Then Damian @ Saks helped me do a Saks nationwide search and both white & black in that E-W/new chain are gone as well. I had another Saks SA search last week and yesterday just to see if there might be any returns, and still the computers show 0 :sad:
  6. Oh, I should add....NM didn't order any **caviar** E-W with the new chain & CC lock....BUT they did buy the black LAMBSKIN E-W w/ new chain & CC lock. You might want to give NM a call if the lambskin version suits you as well.
  7. THANK YOU foxycleopatra for answering every single one of my questions! i've been hunting around for that bag in white and had no idea why it was so hard to get! Now it all makes sense~
  8. Thanks foxycleopatra...

    You answered all my question^^. I ordered a bag from NM on Friday thinking it was the one that I was looking for. It's on her way. Now...I'm afraid that that bag is not what I've been looking for. I explained to SA and she said that was the one.

    I should've asked in this forum before I ordered.

    Thanks again...