Black Caviar Accordian Flap Opinions Needed!

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  1. I just got this bag at Saks this week and am wondering what the opinion is of people who own it? I have seen a lot of negative opinions on some of the forums about it, and want to make sure there aren't any unforseen problems with it. So, accordian owners (and non-owners), what do you love/not love about this purse?
  2. i dont have it, but i think it is a lovely bag!
  3. I have it..I think the new caviar is the most durable I have EVER seen!its a great bag!
  4. I think it is a nice bag.
  5. i have it in beige...good every day bag imo...
    less out there than the traditional flap bags...
  6. Are there really some people that dislike it? I actually REALLY like it. I think it's a great "new classic" -it's got the caviar which is SOOO durable, and the quilting is gorgeous too... I especially love how generously sized it is. I'm not a petite gal, and it was HUGE on me. Big bags are ALWAYS a plus in my book ;)
  7. Yeah, I remember some people posted they thought the bag was "flimsy" and thought it looked cheap because the inside is canvas and not leather. I think the bag would be too heavy if it was all leather though! I am 5' even...I LOVE big bags and I feel like this fit me better than the GST.
  8. I love the look of it:smile:, wish U.S.A. had ordered it brown color:sad:
  9. ^^^ chanelbelle7, I'm 5'6 and have broader shoulders from playing water polo in HS, and the GST even looks small on me. But the accordian was HUGE on me for some reason... but I like it. Granted the lining is not leather, but I agree that it would be SUPER heavy, especially with all the compartments on the inside! Enjoy your bag... as long as you love it, who cares?!
  10. The expandable flap isn't lined in leather but it doesn't look cheap at all IMO. I haven't seen the accordian flap IRL but I can't imagine the lining looking cheesy, unless it was done in that cheap satin of lower priced bags.

    And yeah Norma, if the US ordered brown I would have to cut up and cancel my Visa!!
  11. love the bag! very roomy and yes i also hope US got in brown
  12. I don't have one, but I WANT one!!
  13. I ordered one from Saks this week and hope I like it too after reading some of the problems. Haven't seen it IRL.
  14. I don't have one yet...However, I love it as well...I am holding out for brown...and with my upcoming travels...I will have it before the summer is over...good luck with whichever bag you choose...
  15. This is my go to bag this spring - casual but can be dressed up a bit. Not a huge logo, the separate compartments are so practical. If I was forced to state one negative - and it is a small one (and probably doesn't apply to someone not lazy), sometimes, I think I've snapped it closed yet it is open - which looks funny. I would recommend it - a real workhorse.