Black cardi/ light jacket recommendations??

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  1. I'm looking for a good quality black cardigan or light jacket. I'm tired of cheaply made cardigans fading and pilling. So quality is my utmost priority. I prefer the longer, boyfriend style cardigan, but will look into jackets. Trenches are okay, but I couldn't find a light enough, cotton material.

    Max budget is 700$, but at the higher end I'd prefer a jacket. Live in So Cal, so lighter is better.

    I've checked Burberry, but couldn't find the trench I have, which is my favorite. I got it at NR so I have no idea what style it is.
    Banana Republic, J Crew, Ann Taylor are brands I'd like to avoid as they do not make cardigans that last me long enough. :sad:

    Help a tpf-er out? :smile:
  2. Sweaters: Brooks Brothers for more tailored things; All Saints or Rick Owens for edgier.
    for Jackets: Zara or Theory.
  3. Thank you! Forgot about brooks brothers. I'll definitely look into the other brands as well. :smile: