Black canvas monogram pouchette??

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  1. I read on here that someone saw the black monogram canvas pouchette with the green/red/green web and charms on sale. I went to Tampa Gucci boutique today and they no longer had it. I had been eyeing it before the sale. Now I'm dying to have it! Has anyone seen one and know how I could get it? It's not on website.

    PLEASE help! THANKS!
  2. I was looking for the same thing. to save you the trouble its no longer at the orlando gucci and the website doesn't have any (i emailed just in case they has like one in stock) apparently, they are very rare with only one or two at each location and have been presold the first days of last week.
  3. The dallas store had one in stock

    im kicking my self for not picking it up!!! but i already have three black gucci bags, i thought four would be over kill!!


    good luck!
  4. Thanks so much, lovednotspoiled! I just called and they don't have anymore :sad:

    Oh well! I just spent so much money at Nordstrom's sale today, I guess I didn't really need it...but I still want it :smile:

    By the way, your post in April about the price increase saved me $40, plus tax on the Jackie bag I bought myself for my thanks so much for your helpful info!!
  5. no problem tampa girl!!!

    (hehe that just made my day!!!)

    im soooo glad u were able to save some moola and good luck on ur search, i will keep an eye out!!!
  6. CALL orlando millenia store!!! they lied! i came to pick up my presold items and they had 2 left! i just bought one. bf was upset btw :sweatdrop: (that i bought another gucci) The guy that even told me they were all presold was there... and i was like wtf? thanks a lot!
  7. i am also looking for this. May i know the sale price.
  8. 309! came out to around under 330 with tax! glglgl its a great purse
  9. As of last night, they had one at the Atlantic City Gucci. I hope someone here gets it!
  10. I saw one at the Maui boutique on Friday. Sorry for the late reply but I'm just catching up with tPF after my trip. Their number is 808 879 1060. Ask for Yoshie, she is super nice.