Black Canvas Messenger Style Strap

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get hold of a black canvas messenger style strap? I would like to use it with my Roxanne and Somerset Hobo. I have contacted Mulberry direct but they won't supply one as they say it would change the original style of the bags.

    It would be really useful to me so I could hang them from my dauther's wheelchair or across the body but either way, keeping my hands free. Thanks very much. :smile:
  2. Mulberry haven't sold straps separately for a while because so many people were putting them on their Roxanne's (me included) and it was causing the bags to sag and then they were getting problems with them apparently. The only way to do this now is to either buy a bag with a detatchable strap like the Seth or to buy a Camera Strap or similar to use instead.

    If you do a search there has been a few threads about this subject so you might find some useful ideas on those.
  3. Thanks very much, I will get searching.
  4. I think if you put in "replacement strap" or "strap for Roxanne" in the search bit a few should come up.