black camo bella bellas?

  1. Are there any???
    Anywhere?? :wtf:

    What other cuts look good in black camo? Are there bambinones for this print?
  2. i had a black camo bambino once.. it was pretty cute except i had acquired too many bags at the time & thought i wouldn't get the chance to use it :p
  3. there was one on evilbay, not sure if it's still there.

    i'll check!
  4. the bella bella is gone but i did find this!

    i have an olive cammo bella, i think the print suits bella's well b/c it's nice and small, and characters on't get cut off as much as the other prints do on bellas. you can actually see whole characters in between the zippers on the bella!

    and it's $25 under retail, with low shipping.
  5. Yeah, I see the black Camo bella bella from time to time on e-bay... Just keep checking!

    I got my olive Camo bella bella from SH right before they ran out, and I looooooooove it. It's one of my favorite bags - seriously. I didn't really like the Camo print at first, but it's awesome with the bella bella and it matches a lot of my clothes!!

  6. I have a black cammo ciao ciao, it was my first toki purchase at the Lesportsac store on Madison Ave!! :graucho: Then I also have an olive cammo bella love love it! The olive & black cammo prints are adorable. I just found a black cammo caramella in my closet that I bought for my mom but never gave to her so I'm thinking of keeping it :rolleyes: I :heart: the should totally get something!
  7. You know, I never really liked the cammo prints... and now they're really starting to grow on me :cry: Curse toki! I need to lock up my wallet forever!
  8. :lol::lol::lol::lol: Soooooooooo true!!!!!!

    That's what don't like a print, you pass on it, then when you start to really look at it, it grows on you and you NEED it :sweatdrop: It's a sickness I swear it.
  9. It's like... I have never really liked the ciao-style bag until recently, and now it's at the top of my list for the next bag style I need to get! I can't stop thinking about it! And in the past two days I spend over $200 on an amore stellina and an arancia zucca... hahaah this is sooooo bad~
  10. GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....STOP IT...I'm doing the same thing right now about the Ciao. I absolutely :heart::heart::heart: the ciao but it's too small for me...well, I've never actually tried it on but I've held it and I know it's too small for me :rolleyes:. I have 2 ciao ciaos but they're a little too big. Robotkitten said it best...she said they should make Ciao & 1/2 size! :lol: Don't worry, you're not alone...I can't stop thinking about it either! And in the past 2 weeks my BF and I have spent over $600 on famiglia zuccas & caramellas and a tutti zucca. :nuts: SOOOOOOOOo BAD!!
  11. haha well I'm more of a small bag type of a person, so I think a ciao would be perfect for me... a ciao ciao would definitely be too big~ Holy crap, over $600?? Wow I wish my BF would spend money on toki for me!!! I've already discussed my Christmas present with him, though, which is a ciao (of course)~ :p :yes:
  12. You're lucky...I wish I was a small bag kind of person...small bags are adorable and more importantly, they cost less. I'm feeling really guilty about all the $$$ my BF has spent on toki :sad: I can't discuss my Christmas present w/my BF in advance b/c then he goes out and buys it for me for no reason :nuts::nuts::nuts:.
    I'm insane...but I cannot wait for Vacanze!
  13. Bah what a lucky girl you are with a BF like that!! Haha maybe he should talk to mine! My new zucca, which should be arriving soon, will be an experiment with bigger bag styles~ I'm definitely going to bring it to college with me, so that'll be excellent :yes:
  14. My BF can talk to yours anytime :graucho: You've got to let me know how you like the zucca. That's awesome that you're bringing it to school w/you...where are you going? Freshman? You can fit a folder or some school stuff inside the zucca...the zucca rocks! :rochard:
  15. I have a feeling that I'll adore it... I've been eyeing zuccas for forever~ Mhmm, I'll be a freshman at the University at Buffalo :biggrin: My zucca will help me make a statement - "I carry toki, and I am waaaay cool!"