Black, Cameo, or Pale Gray?? Prada Gaufre Nappa Leather Clutch

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  1. I am writing because my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I was searching for something to get her this year.

    I noticed that when we met for lunch during the week she usually brought a couple of items out with her (e.g. iPhone, keycard, wallet) and since she didn't have many pockets, if any, her hands were usually full (i.e. she dropped her stuff on occasion since there were too many things to juggle).

    So, I thought of getting a clutch for her this year so that she could fit everything into a nice, neat package when she went out.

    Given this, I decided on the Prada Gaufre Nappa Leather Clutch.

    Unfortunately, I can't decide on the color (Black, Pale Gray, or Cameo)

    So, I was wondering if you had any recommendations regarding which color would be the most stylish one for work attire but also versatile enough that she could use it during the evening, etc.

    I think she is a bit conservative in her color palette (i.e. black, not hot pink haha) and she usually wears something along the lines of a dress shirt/skirt (white/black) to work usually.

    Sorry for the long post but thanks for the help! =)

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  2. Ohhh, well, I love the beige/grey colors. But in this particular piece, I really like the black! The prada logo really pops and the black is very classic. That said, you can't go wrong with any of them - they are all beautiful!
  3. I think that the most conservative choice is black and considering that we are moving into fall and winter here in the States, that would be my pick but I am not sure of your location. But I agree that they are all gorgeous and you are super nice for buying this for her.
  4. all three colors are great but i'll pick the gray just so it won't blend with the black/whitess.
  5. Black.
  6. Black - the perfect go to color.
  7. I love the two lighter colours, but the practical side of me says that for a clutch, black will be the easiest to take care of! Clutches tend to be put on tables, so they are easy to splash with food or drinks! No grubby fingerprints show on black either!
  8. I am another black're a great friend!!!!
  9. I'm going for black for two reasons firstly black is classic and will go with everything and secondly I worry about colour transfer with lighter coloured leathers
  10. Black, without discussion or second thoughts

    The biggest reason for me is that a clutch is hand held. We have oils in our hands and put hand lotion on them. A clutch will be in your hands the entire time you use it. Those oily finger marks will definitely show on the lighter colors. With black, not so much (if at all).

    Overlooking that, black is a classic evening bag. Why tamper with perfection?
  11. Good point PP. i have this clutch in black also, so it goes w/ o saying that my vote is for the black too!
  12. :tender: Oh~ That's so sweet!!!!

    I like the pale grey :heart: I was going to get that one, but I ended up with another gauffre clutch. LOL!