Black cambons galore at SF Neiman Marcus

  1. I stopped in today and I was shocked to see they had new stock of black Cambons - including the black pouchette! I have not seen one of those in forever! So if anyone is looking for anything from the black on black Cambon line, Neiman's in SF has the large tote, smaller bucket tote, bowler, and the pouchette.
  2. my NM always has them as well!:yes:
  3. Did you happen to see the price of the large tote & bowler?
  4. The large tote was $1,995 and I didn't see the price of the small bowler. I plan to stop by there this afternoon and if it's still there, I will give you an update.
  5. Unfortunately, the bowler was sold. The small bucket tote is $1350 (which isn't a bad price) and the large tote was actually marked $1,925.
  6. my NM had a few of the camera bags left when I was there, that's the small pouchette shoulder bag.
  7. Thanks for the info
  8. Any cambons on sale?

  9. No cambons on sale - sorry.
  10. Just wanted to add, I saw a black on black Cambon mini-reporter bag at Bloomingdales at SCP