Black Cambon w/ Black Patent CCs ... avail anymore?

  1. I apologize in advance for my *Chanel ignorance* ... I just got my first clutch (black lambskin Timeless), and I'm totally in love!

    Now I really want to get my hands on a large cambon tote in black with the black patent CCs. Is this even a possibility outside of eBay?

    I'm a law student, so I'd prefer to buy a used bag ... but I don't want to chance it on a fake.

    Is retail still $1450 ... or are they no longer sold in stores?


  2. Hi I don't know the current price, but I do know that they still sell them in the botiques ( I saw them in London, UK). I hope this helps you a bit x
  3. I do know that the price of cambons went up by about $100 (approx.)
  4. Excellent. Thanks!
  5. pre-price increase the large Tote was $1650 and yes, they're still avaiable as of now.
    I see them in my NM all the time.
  6. Just wanted to say congrats on your new clutch! LOVE that bag!! :love: :love:

    Good luck getting the cambon tote! :yes:
  7. I'm so glad to hear that it's still available ... my cc, on the other hand, is not so happy.

  8. I've officially decided this bag will be my law school graduation gift to myself.

    One and a half months to go ...
  9. Charlotte NM had one today, it was the large size.
  10. I'd say if you could get one sooner, you should. Chanel is discontinuing that particular kind of bag. From now on the new cambon's are completely different, with chain handles and a big zipper going diagonally across one corner, and the leather looks more...wrinkly? Just look up the cotton club stuff, that's what they are going to be now. The older ones are selling out pretty quickly I've heard. I know my SA told me there were only 4 left in the warehouse when she ordered mine for me.
  11. The current retail is $1595, it was $1495.