black cambon tote!

  1. hey all...i had a question about the large black cambon tote with patent black C' this a permenant collection???? and will this ever go on sale???? thank you!
  2. I have it and I believe the bag is not seasonal. Although for this year the bags are w/same color patent cc's.

    Here's mine, I :love: :love: :love: it! I use it everyday!

  3. I agree with GTO, I don't think its seasonal and its part of their permanent Cambon collection now. It's a great bag, you will not be disappointed!
  4. cool thanks guys....i would be so mad if this bag ever went on sale! cuz i paid full price lol
  5. It's permanent collection this time it's not available anymore. Last one in chanel boutique US got sold yesterday.
  6. I wonder when it will be back?
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