Black Cabby GM owners...

  1. any regrets on this bag??
  2. Hi! I got one in August and I still love it. I don't use it every day, esp not if I'm taking the kids to park or zoo, but it holds so much it has become my weekend bag. I need the crossbody feature so the MM was not an option for me! I just got the Black Denim Agenda PM to match and really like it.
  3. I have the MM and absolutely love it!!!! It's a great the black denim!
  4. i love this bag but... it wasn't for me. i think the gm style is so flattering and hip looking but something about the black denim just didn't do it. it reminded me of bad '80s or something. i love the '80s, love black and love this bag but for me, it wasn't for me.... i bought it and exchanged it for another bag.
  5. I had the GM too, but returned and exchanged it for something else as well. The denim just didn't appeal to me for some reason. Maybe because it was too faded and more on the gray side instead of black. I wasn't too fond of the strap either, it didn't feel like LV to me. Maybe I'll get the blue instead later on or if they would bring out other colors.
  6. I'm waiting on the sidelines on this bag as well. I did see the PM first which I loved at first, then saw the GM a few weeks later, thinking I would eventually get the GM. When I saw the GM, however, the faded black didn't really appeal to me at that time. I was hoping for a darker black, real black. Would love to see a black denim Neo Speedy!
  7. I have the GM and i absolutely love it!
  8. I have the MM. I got it the day it was released and I still love it! No regrets!
  9. Have the black cabby GM and truly adore her.
  10. I too have the black cabby GM and love it!!
  11. None whatsoever! I love this bag. I have it in GM but with MM strap, by far my favorite LV piece I own.
  12. Any complaints about the heaviness of the bag?
  13. I saw a lady with this in the LV store on Saturday. Man, that is one nice looking bag in person! The black one I'm talking about. I'd love to get it!! Somehow I think the black color makes it look smaller to the eye, too, than the blue.
  14. Absolutely not! Have the GM and love it. I would describe the bag as casual elegance.
  15. I love this bag. I use mine almost everyday and I love the casual feel of the denim, yet it still looks classy.