black BV

  1. i keep thingking and thinking to purchase my first bv... at first i want some summer colour (magnolia), but then i feel like how fab black would be if paired with pomme de amour LV accesories.:heart:

    Now, i got a lil confius by colour of black in veneta. Is it suppose to be shiny (patent) black or a lil bit more matte black? i saw renee pic, it seems like a lil bit shiny black and i love it, but i'm not mistaken, when i went to boutique, the black veneta is looks like bit dull to me. I dont know is that the real colour or maybe it is bit drying up?

    So you guys with BV black, please help, is it BV black shiny or matte looking?
  2. ^^ The black is not like patent shiny. It's more matte with a sheen that shows up even more when it's hit by light (esp so in photos with flash, it shines more). HTH.
  3. oh, thank you miss piggy... mmm.... means i need to think about it whether i really really like it or not....
  4. I agree with ms. piggy about the matte-ness and shine when hit by light. Also, you mentioned that you would like to pair it with your pomme d'amour accessories -- to my knowledge, the interior of black BVs are in the same sandy-colored suede as other BVs, so that might not acheive the "red against black" effect you want.
  5. Excellent description, ms piggy. Has BV made bags with patent leather? I'm blanking on this one.
  6. I think Renee's looked shiny due to the flash in the photo. I have her exact bag and it's more of a matte leather. It's my only BV bag (so far haha) but I love that black will go with everything. Classic bag all the way~
  7. I have yet to see an entire bag made in patent leather but have seen bags accented by patent stitches.