Black Bubble Quilt Bowler or Light Silver Jumbo Flap Robertson Exclusive?

Which one would you purchase?

  • Black Bowler Quilt Bowler

  • Jumbo Light Silver Flap, Robertson Exclusive

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Jul 4, 2008
I would appreciate opinions from fellow TPFers. I can't decide which one of the two to purchase:

Black BQ Bowler or Jumbo Flap Light Silver Robertson Exclusive?

(Robertson Exclusive picture borrowed from another thread)

The bowler is more practical and I love jumbo flaps. This flap is an exclusive, but may be a little blingy (IMO).

If anyone owns the light silver jumbo flap, how do you like the color?

Any thoughts appreciated.
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Aug 15, 2008
I looked at the quality of the bowler which i was going to purchase. I cannot said I liked it in person, but the issue was the quality of the calfskin. It is a cheap quality and not worth the money. Regarding the silver jumbo, there are threads you will have to search for them, that said the metallic comes off on the edges and there are many complaints.

Caviar , is the only leather that holds up.


May 3, 2007
I have last season's BQ bowler and love it. I have to say I do not like what they did to the leather with this season's version. The light silver flap does seem a little blingy - so I say look for something else unless the BQ leather does not bother you.


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Jun 25, 2008
I think it depends on what you want to use the bag for. Everyday - BQ, Evening - Silver flap.
Some think it's too blingy, but at night I think it looks glam and fabulous.
The BQ is so practical and smushy, but I wouldn't use it for an evening bag.