Black Boy Bag

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  1. If you read my previous post you know that I wanted a black boy bag and was wondering should I sell two other Chanel's to fund it well both of the bags are now sold and I'm close to getting my bag .. I want a black old medium boy with sliver hardware I'm torn between chevron with shiney hardware and caviar with sliver hardware have anyone seen these bags Available I'm trying to locate them and which once do you guys like best I'm not sure how I feel about the new matte caviar this season ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463868553.039615.jpg

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  2. I would say the chevron!
  3. Definitely chevron! I love this boy and I would get it in a heartbeat if I had the funds right now :-P
  4. I'm not a fan of the other hardware or caviar so I'd have to say the chevron :smile:
  5. Maybe you should see which bag is available rather than getting your heart set on something you can't find-unless you're willing to wait?

  6. I've seen them both and I have the same chevron boy but mine is in the new medium size. I would definitely go for the chevron! While I love caviar leather, there is something about it on the boy bag that I just don't love. I don't think you will regret the chevron with shiny truly is TDF!!!
  7. I have the chevron boy (in red) and it is lovely! The leather is pretty, puffy, smooth, and calfskin (so more durable than lamb). I would go for the chevron.n
  8. My opinion is biased since I just purchased the chevron boy bag with the silver hardware. You seem to be leaning towards the chevron boy. Since you are unsure about the matter caviar, I think you really would like the chevron boy. My advice would be to call the Chanel customer service and they should be able to locate which stores have each bag. Good luck!
  9. I actually love the chevron I'm sold on it now I just want to make sure the leather is durable I don't want it to et scratched up and damaged do anybody have the Chanel customer care number? Thanks
  10. I love the Chevron :smile: Chanel Customer Service 800-550-0005
  11. Love the chevron boy! I hope you can locate the exact bag you're looking for.
  12. I own the chevron and I love it. I saw it at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC last weekend, maybe give them a call
  13. I personally have that bag as well, bought it 2 months ago, it is perfect and unique, the hardware is very pretty, i prefer this shiny silver over rhw a million times
  14. Let me know if you need the style number for the old medium chevron boy with silver hardware.
  15. The chevron is amazing, definitely it.