Black Box

  1. I've done a few searches, but came up with nothing. I tried searching with "Black Box" in quotes, but is brings up all references of both Black and Box. Does anyone have any pix of a Black Box?

    I think I want one...I saw the indigo one in the older thread. Is the Black box uncommon?:drool:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. ^ the box in black!!
  4. :nuts: 0o0o0o Balenciaga you are the BOMB!!!! :wlae: :wlae: i've never really seen a BOX up close and personal like those pics - thanks sratsey
  5. Great pics, makes me warm up a little more to the box.
  6. :sad: :sad: i am desperately wanting one in black but there is a long waiting list it seems ,i have put my name down --fingers crossed
  7. hi, have you tried bal NY or BNY??

    Bal NY 212.206.0872, daisy is great
    BNY 212.826.8900
  8. THANKS Sratsey!!!!!

    I'm in love! I must have one! I LOVE that bag sooooooo much. now I just have to find one. What year is that?
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