black box?

  1. riding on phooey's post, i'd like to know if anyone out there has a black box and wouldn't mind posting pictures of it on here. pretty please? :tender:

    i found one at shirise but the handbag purchases through them are final sale. i've never seen a box IRL, so any help would be appreciated. thanks!! :smile:
  2. i don't have a black box, but i have an indigo box :P
  3. seahorseinstripes, i think your indigo box is so cute!
    when you wear it with the shoulder strap, how does it look? does it slouch or just flatten and keep its shape?
  4. it's slouch as the leather is soft, but it's still in better shape than twiggy.
  5. hi jennifer. I just commented on Luccibag's thread about this. The box is a great style, especially if you feel that the classic is a bit too small and the twiggy is too big. It slouches beautifully...I love it.
    The only problem I have with it is (luccibag mentioned this) and I agree...the shoulder strap is too long, it would be nice if it was shorter. It's VERY cute on it's own without the strap.

    Check out magenta love thread. Good luck in your search.!
  6. hi *jennifer* here's a link to pics of my Rouille Box

    I took off the shoulder strap and carry it by hand or in my elbow crook. As someone wrote on another thread, it's kinda like a Speedy that way (but much smooshier and slouchier than the Speedy).

    I agree with BellaFiore, it slouches beautifully when carried. It also holds a TON of stuff - I was quite surprised how much I could fit in it (wallet, sunnies, phone, LV cosmetic case, iPod and a small sweater-shrug)

    I love the Box style - it fits a ton and its shape makes it easier to find things - and isn't as long as a Twiggy.
  7. Hi jennifer! :biggrin:

    I, too, own a box. (Mine's origan. Gorgeous!) I find that the box is so great because even though it has a relatively sharp shape, it slouches really nicely on the side. It reminds me of a thicker first.. if that makes sense! (The first is my fav b-bag, hehe) It fits a lot more than you would think it would.. and it's not too long like the twiggy. I highly recommend it!

    PS. I hate the strap. I don't even consider using it. I think it's because when you use the strap, the box suddenly un-slouches (lol, does that make sense?) and looks really odd and boxy, hanging from your shoulder. If you get one, I would suggest just taking it off. :biggrin:
  8. thanks for your comments, everyone! i'm pretty sure i will like the box alot, possibly even more than a twiggy. i love how the twiggy looks carried in the crook of the arm but it bends so much when carried on the shoulder strap! :yucky:

    i had an idea! :idea:
    what about putting the twiggy shoulder strap onto the box? the twiggy strap is 24.5" and the box strap is 27". i wonder if that would make a difference?
  9. YES I agree, its like a beefier first bag! I like it because it is slouchy yet has some sort of structure to it, if that makes sense. I like the shape a lot and I cant believe how much it holds!! Im definitely a fan! I like the box more than I thought I would. I bet a black one would be FAB!!
  10. i'm checking to see if Nordstrom has the black box. the no return policy of shirise has me a bit nervous as i'd rather see the bag in person first.
  11. There were no black boxes at Nordies. No boxes at all--but a very nice black Twiggy, city, hobo and work (the work was awesome). I was just there yesterday evening.
  12. thanks, valerieb!
    i just got off the phone with Nordstrom. the SA i spoke with was completely unfamiliar with balenciaga so when i described the box to her as a toaster/small loaf of bread, i think she got confused and thought the name of it was "the bread box." hehe
  13. Valerie-
    Do you remember if the black Day bag you saw had nice thick matte leather or shiny and veiny? I'd call Nordies but since bbags are new for them, I don't expect them to be accurate with their description. Thanks!
  14. jennifer, maybe a very nice SA would be willing to take a picture and email it to you. That sale price would be hard for me to pass up at gretta luxe.:wlae:
  15. whoaaaaa. there is a sale on the black box at gretta?!?!