Black box SO - what's your philosophy?

  1. I placed an SO for a 35 Birkin, black box, PH (had debated ruthenium but decided PH). Am wondering if I should have asked to do a different colored lining...would you do this, just to have something different and because you could, or, would you stick with the classic all-black option even though it is more common? Am curious what you would do, and why...
  2. Ooohh I would do a different color lining! Something that would make the inside "pop"....just cause if it is something that is SO'd I would want it to be something special.KWIM. If you have to spend all this time waiting for it, why not make it unique...

    Me...I'd probably pick raisin. Not too overwhelming, but just enough color to make the inside standout.
  3. You cannot, cannot go wrong with the all-black classic option and you will never tire of it.
    Having said that, I personally would probably have opted for a different lining (but not different piping), probably rouge vif. Why? Because I could ;) and because I just love red.
    Having said THAT, I would love the all black version just as much. So you did well! Great, IMO.
  4. I agree with Hello. All black is classic. That being said a different lining but with black piping would be great fun!
  5. Wow, you are my hero for getting that order accepted. Congratulations:yahoo:.
    No doubt black inside and out is a classic but I'm a blue person and I would go for maybe a thalassa or even a subtle navy lining. Something different that I knew meant 'just for me'.
  6. Having a different color lining gives a nice contrast and a sweet surprise everytime you open the bag and really makes it stand out as a special order. I always do a different color lining on my SOs
  7. I would go with all black, but I am pretty conservative.
    Most carry a Birkin open, so the color would be visible, not your own private surprise, as in a Kelly.
    Plus the color might not go with your clothing all the time.
    Congrats on a great SO.

    Well, I could go either way on this question...a colored lining would be such a special touch, but staying with an all black is wonderful too.:heart:
  9. Either way is great. I think it's a nice little surprise inside when you open the bag... and it makes it truly your own.
    Congratulations on your SO!
  10. that's a good point but 80% of my birkins are clemence, so floppy which I always wear open and noone ever notices the contrasting color because you can barely catch a glimpse of it (especially if the contrast lining is subtle). I always wish that I made them lining color brighter which is why I am probably going to do an orange or anis lining for my next SO
  11. Classic black box!
  12. I think you got the best option - black w/black but I am a sucker for ruthenium HW! I didn't know it was still available...anyway, I love the way ruthenium looks with black box. Hehe, OK, that had nothing to do with your question.

    Yes, you did the best thing - black with black. You will NEVER tire of it!
  13. You did great! It will be a classic. You might tire of a coloured interior.
  14. I guess it depends on your bag seems you do like color and that would be fun...perhaps a blue inside? Or not...either way - and congrats!!
  15. A Louboutin Birkin :upsidedown: If I had the option I would definitely go for a contrast lining (either a nice red or purple for me)