Black Box Kelly ever casual?

  1. i'm dreaming of a sellier/rigide black kelly in box or chevre with PH.

    wondering if box could ever be 'casual' so i could wear it with jeans and tee.

    can chevre be 'casual'?

    what size is good for me? i'm 5'4 115 lbs. would want everday bag and i only carry french wallet, small makeup pouch, cell, keys, sunglasses. am thinking 32cm.

    how difficult is it get this bag?

    thanks for any advice!
  2. It could absolutely be worn casually (both the box and the chevre). In my opinion, the box would be better in 28 cm for a casual look but the chevre will work in a 32 cm size (which I think is better as an everyday bag size).
  3. I wear my black box kelly (32, sellier) with jeans and a shirt all the time! I am larger than you in both dimensions (5'9" and let's just skip the weight) and think it works fine. You can fit all you listed and more - I have an azap long wallet, glasses case, cell, keys, agenda GM, zip agenda GM (with plain paper) and piccolo pencil case, and often a paperback book. You should really go try them on to see what looks best on you, kellys are not all that hard to find.
  4. Oh my Gosh ABSOLUTELY! I wear mine casually all the time!!! I have a 28cm Chocolate Box Sellier Kelly and a vintage Croc and Vintage Black Box and they are ALL fantastic with jeans and sweaters or shirts! Go for's some pics to help you along....

    and also one with all the stuff I carry in my 32cm Black Box Kelly.......
    _MG_2964KBruthme.jpg _MG_3404Coco1.jpg crocsf2.jpg _MG_3140Vintspilled.jpg
  5. S'mom, you are gorgeous. How I wish I could do casual chic like you!
  6. Casual yes, by all means! Sloppy no.
  7. I LOVE ALL YOUR BAGS SHOPMOM!!! You make all of them look soooo CHIC!!!! By far one of the best collections!!!:drool: :drool: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. That's what my Mom always used to say to me.
  9. shopmom - you are killing me! you look so ever chic!

    yes, black box kellys can definitely be carried casually and formally - depends on your outfit and attitude, KWIM?
  10. Shopmom, I just LOVE your style! It's so casual chic...:love:
  11. Yes Yes Yes Kelly can be casual. Shopmom is most inspiring (thank you SM). It's all in the accessories too. Love the leather jacket with a Kelly and of course a crisp white shirt/jeans is very chic with La Kelly.
  12. PH will definitely help in making a bag more casual. I think chevre is definitely more casual, too, than box.

    I do think of box as dressier, but hey, you could even carry a croc bag if you had jeans and manolos on and still be casual depends on your personal style.

    I don't know how easy it is to get black chevre with PH, though. I have one and it was quite hard to find, but that's just me and I'm not that familiar with chevre.

    best of luck!
  13. S'mom you look amazingly good !!! très chic !
    Yes, I think black box can be dressed up and down easily.
  14. Absolutely! That's what I love about the Kelly.
  15. thank you all for sharing, especially the great photos, shopmom. looks great with white shirt and jeans and heels, but how about something REALLY casual, like a tshirt, shorts, flip flops...sometimes that's my look in the summertime. i didn't want the shiny box to look really out of place. i'm hoping the next time i visit hermes they will have several kellys to look at in person.

    maybe i'll need both a kelly and birkin, ha ha!