Black Box Kelly 40??

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  1. What do guys think about a black box kelly 40? I'm a lawyer and an urbanite. I wear suits and dresses to work. If this helps, I never have bought, and likely never will buy, anything but a black bag, regardless of style. Thanks for your opinions!
  2. hmmmm......generally I'd automatically say, "YES" but........... a 40cm Kelly in Black Box tends to be somewhat briefcase-y looking and I'm just not too sure it would work that well with dresses....I wouldn't hesitate with classic suits or trousers/sweaters or jeans/shirts, etc....

    I have a FABULOUS shot of a business woman in a white pantsuit carrying a black Box 40cm Kelly ALONG with a's a GREAT look!
  3. Fabulous! sounds perfect for you.
  4. I personally think that it will suit your profession beauitfully........ as Kelly 40 especially in Black Box will look briefcasey IMHO..........
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    Yes! stunning! Wish I had the height and the lifestyle for one! :biggrin:

    Although it might be super heavy once filled. And if filled, you probably should strap it up so all the weight doesn;t damage the toggle.

    Perhaps also purchase a canvas strap for it on the days you might not want to hand carry? I think 40 doesn;t come with any strap. Though I am ruminating as to whether the strap would wrinkle up your suits. . .

    here is a recent pic of me and my 28 (5'2" medium build)

    S'mom, I would love to see your pic of a business woman carrying a 40 kelly and a briefcase!

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  6. Thanks for your thoughts! Now the question is: new or pre owned? Most on thos forum seem to favor preloved box. But will it feel old? I have a pre owned Togo birkin, but that looks brand new.
  7. I'd stick with a 32 or 35 Kelly - they get very "briefcase-like" when they get bigger. You'll be amazed at the room in even a 32. If you're quite tall, go for a 35; if shorter, go for the 32. These will be much more versatile than a 40. I personally prefer black box in the retourne style - the leather is stiffer and in retourne, it doesn't look so "boxy".
  8. Go with a pre-owned, preferably even "vintage" black box Kelly. They're SO beautiful and they have that wonderful patina and a look that says "This gorgeous thing? Oh, I've had it FOREVER"! You'll also save a TON of money that way!
  9. Sellier or Retourne? It seems difficult, if not impossible, to find a 40 in box in retourne. Does anyone have action shots of a 40 kelly in a rigid leather? Also, there is a lovely sellier for sale at ***. Has anyone seen those photos?

    India, I, too, have wondered whether I should stick to a 35 in box and do a 40 in a softer leather if I really want one. I do need room; I commute via public transportation and have a lot to carry. I can't use a handbag. But perhaps a togo 40......though it's just not as chic with a suit.

    Decisions, decisions.....
  10. Not that I'm anyone to speak on this subject since I'm not a business person and have never carried a briefcase, but I think if you want a professional, briefcasey look, get the 40 cm Kelly in black box sellier. Togo will look more luggage like and casual, at least in my mind's eye. I think there's pictures if a 40 cm Kelly in the reference library, size comparison thread. I seem to recall Ilovemylife modeling a 40 Kelly.
  11. I love the 40 cm Kelly, not easy to find.
  12. its very corporate i just saw the exact same bag at my H boutique only it was red rouge garance fjord with gold hardware i think it is better because you have the corporate look the practical side because the size fits documents and so on, but if black is allways your option and because of size i would sujest a black 40cm birkin it can double as a corporate very formal bag when closed and a sporty casual bag when open this is something that the 40cm kelly simply can not do anyway hope it helps birkel
  13. I've seen both retourne and sellier 40cm Black Box Kelly, and think the sellier would be perfect for your profession. Such a polished and elegant choice!
  14. I'd do a 35cm VINTAGE black Box Kelly......the size should fit almost everything you'd need AND it can also work as a daily bag for the weekends with casual attire.....I agree whole-heartedly with INDIA. Nothing is as gorgeous as a broken-in black box Kelly......
  15. Although very briefcase-like, a 40cm BBK is a stunning choice for professional use. A dear colleague of mine has been carrying one for many years and it suits her (and her attire) beautifully. Personally, I prefer the 40cm Whitebus as my briefcase. Best of luck with your decision! :flowers: