Black Box... but not SO Black. Quick reveal

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  1. I am so excited about this:yahoo:

    This will be quick...

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  2. Yaaaaaaaay love BB!
  3. Can't wait to see what's in the box!
  4. Any guesses? :graucho:

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  5. I'm thinking its a Kelly Cut or a Kelly wallet
  6. Wait - not a Kelly Cut because I don't see the little handle.

    Hmmm...perhaps a Shadow clutch?
  7. but still, something lovely and black! can't wait!

  8. Good guesses, but no;)
  9. Hmmmm....

  10. Ok, I said I'd be quick, so here you go....

    Black Box Verrou Elan. I am in love:love:

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  11. Very cool -- congrats!!! Is that a new style? I've never seen it before.
  12. WOWOWOWOWOW! That is absolutely beautiful and so unique! Can't wait to see the modeling pics!
  13. OK Luna that is:supacool:!!! Seriously:rochard:cool!!:tup:Congrats!!!:flowers:
  14. It is a very beautiful clutch...May I ask how do you open it and what does the interior look like? May I also ask how much is the clutch...TIA!!

    Congratulations Lune de Miel!!
  15. It's gorgeous! More pics!